Club Diggidy® FAQ

What is Club Diggidy?

A delivery of toys, treats, and chews on a one-time basis or four seasonal shipments per year for that special four-legged member of your family. All packages are personally prepared with love and care from our Diggidy Dog pet store in Carmel, California. All treats are made in the USA.


What comes in a Club Diggidy shipment?

Each direct-to-your-door shipment contains 4-6 lovingly selected items including "Made only in the USA" munchies plus playthings, delights and more.


How do I join Club Diggidy?

Click on Club Diggidy in the main menu or pick up one of our sign-up brochures at our Diggidy Dog retail store in Carmel, CA.


How much does Club Diggidy cost?

A one-time purchase for your pet, as a gift or as a birthday gift is $39. If you choose the four-shipment option, each shipment is $37.50.


When will I be billed?

You will be billed on February 1, June 1, October 1 and December 1.


Are there shipping fees?

No, shipping is free in the Continental US. Free shipping is also offered on text reorders exceeding $25.


What if I don’t receive my shipment?

Email us at and we’ll track it down for you.


What do I do if my shipment was damaged?

Well that is not good! Email Tell us what was damaged and we’ll replace it for you.


How do I cancel or change my direct-to-your-door shipment?

Select “My Club Diggidy” under Club Diggidy in the main menu, where you’ll find the option to cancel or change your direct-to-your-door shipment. If you’re choosing to cancel, please don’t go!! But if you must, please email us at to let us know why or what we could have done better.


Can I speak with a live, two-legged person?

Yes, please contact us at (831) 625-1585.

More Questions?

Email Us: or visit our FAQ page

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